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The taming of the shrew reading comprehension.


a) Relacione cada personagem à informação que lhe corresponde.
(a) Vicêncio
 (    ) Jovem, é  candidato a marido de Bianca.
(b) Lucêncio Bentivoli
 (   ) Interessa-se por Catarina, fará de tudo para conquistá-la.
(c) Trânio
 (   ) Criado de Petrúquio
(d) Batista Minola
 (   ) Pai de Lucêncio, manda o filho estudar fora para aprender a viver sem a sua proteção.
(e) Catarina Minola
 (   ) Além de linda, era simpática, carinhosa, meiga e doce.
(f) Bianca Minola
 (   ) Bonita e inteligente, mas bruta, mandona, incapaz de um gesto de carinho ou de uma palavra amável.
(g) Petrúquio Pantino
 (   ) Filho de Vicêncio, apaixona-se por Bianca e se oferece para ser seu professor
(h) Grúmio
 (   ) Criado de Lucêncio, teve criação igual à do patrão.
(i) Hortênsio
 (   ) Pai de Catarina e Bianca
(j) Grêmio
 (   ) Homem mais velho, também é candidato a marido de Bianca.

                                              Romeo and Juliet                                           The taming of the Shrew


Época da ação                       
Antiguidade grega ou latina; época bíblica

Heróis da Antiguidade, reis, príncipes, personagens bíblicas.

Local da ação
Um palácio.

Tom da peça

Efeitos sobre o espectador
Medo, piedade, admiração, a fim de purificá-lo de suas paixões.

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Let's have fun by getting to now our horoscope.

Your Task task:
 1. Take your own sign. .Read it and then copy on your notebook.
2. Now decide which of the characteristics are:
a) Positive:_______________________
b) Negative:______________________
c) Which of the traits match with you?
d) Compare your traits with your peer's.

Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs 1

The Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs 2

The Zodiac Signs

Now it's time for literature.How about this Shakespeare"s Comedy. It's funny.

Teacher Valderez- English Activities   EENAV- 2017
W. Shakespeare

The play starts with a tinker, Christopher Sly, who is drunk enough for a group of hunting noblemen to persuade him that he is a Lord.
Sly is given a disguised page as his lady and he is entertained at the noblemen's house with a comedy presented by a group of travelling actors.
The play that Sly watches opens as Lucentio, a student, arrives in Padua. He overhears the merchant Baptista saying that his pretty younger daughter, Bianca, may not be married before her shrewish sister, Katherina. When Lucentio sees Bianca he decides straightaway to woo her and changes roles with his servant Tranio.
Bianca already has two suitors, but cares for neither. The first, Gremio, engages Lucentio, disguised as a Latin tutor, to woo Bianca on his behalf, while the second, Hortensio, disguises himself as a musician to obtain access to her.
Meanwhile Hortensios friend, Petruchio, arrives from Verona. He learns about Katherina and resolves to court her, aided enthusiastically by both Gremio and Hortensio.
The Katherine problem is solved for Biancas suitors when Hortensios friend Petruchio, a brash young man from Verona, arrives in Padua to find a wife. He intends to marry a rich woman, and does not care what she is like as long as she will bring him a fortune. He agrees to marry Katherine sight unseen. The next day, he goes to Baptistas house to meet her, and they have a tremendous duel of words. As Katherine insults Petruchio repeatedly, Petruchio tells her that he will marry her whether she agrees or not. He tells Baptista, falsely, that Katherine has consented to marry him on Sunday. Hearing this claim, Katherine is strangely silent, and the wedding is set.

On Sunday, Petruchio is late to his own wedding, leaving Katherine to fear she will become an old maid. When Petruchio arrives, he is dressed in a ridiculous outfit and rides on a broken-down horse. After the wedding, Petruchio forces Katherine to leave for his country house before the feast, telling all in earshot that she is now his property and that he may do with her as he pleases. Once they reach his country house, Petruchio continues the process of taming Katherine by keeping her from eating or sleeping for several dayshe pretends that he loves her so much he cannot allow her to eat his inferior food or to sleep in his poorly made bed.
 On reaching home Petruchio, with the help of his servants, denies Kate all food and rest. In a campaign to teach her to obey him Petruchio will not allow Kate any new clothes.
Kate submits and they leave to visit her father in Padua.
On the way, Petruchio forces Katherine to say that the sun is the moon and that an old man is really a beautiful young maiden.
 Since Katherines willfulness is dissipating, she agrees that all is as her husband says.
On the road, the couple meets Lucentios father, Vincentio, who is on his way to Padua to see his son. In Padua, Vincentio is shocked to find Tranio masquerading as Lucentio. At last, Bianca and Lucentio arrive to spread the news of their marriage. Both Vincentio and Baptista finally agree to the marriage.
Baptista holds a wedding feast for both his daughters.
 After the meal Petruchio devises a scheme to prove whose wife is the most obedient.
Everyone expects Lucentio to win. Bianca, however, sends a message back refusing to obey, while Katherine comes
comes immediately. The other characters are shocked to see that Katherine seems to have been tamed”—she obeys everything that Petruchio says and gives a long speech advocating the loyalty of wives to their husbands.
As the play closes, Sly is abandoned to sleep off his drunken dream.
Questions on  the  Synopsis and Reading guide
1.Why has Lucentio come to Padua? 
2.  Of what is Baptista resolved concerning the marriage of his two daughters?
3.  What is Katherine's reputation?  Bianca's? Try to make a description of their personality.
4.What is Petruchio's motive in coming to Padua? Describe his and Lucentio personalities.What is his challenge?
5..  When Katherine and Petruchio meet how do they get along?
6.  How is Petruchio dressed for his wedding?
7. How does Petruchio deal with Kathyerine. How does she react?.

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Reviewing Pronouns. That's for you, Group 206

Play Ball: A Pronoun Story 

Number a sheet of lined paper from 1 to 25. Identify the noun (person, place, or thing) to which each
underlined pronoun in the story refers.

      Bobby, Angela, and Cindy were so happy to get tickets to the ball game. (1) They had been
looking forward to seeing a game for a long time. (2) “I hope the Tigers win today’s game,” Cindy
said. (3) “They have lost four games in a row, so I hope they win (4) it for (5) me.”

(6) “I hope they win this one for (7) US!” said Angela, before (8) she jumped up to cheer for
the players as (9) they took the field.

The kids watched the pitcher for the Broncos warm up on the mound. (10) They agreed that
(11) he was looking good as the first of the Tigers’ batters stepped up to the plate.

The first pitch was right over the plate. (12) It was a perfect pitch. “Strike one!” shouted the
umpire, adding a big wave of (13) his hand for emphasis. The next pitch – and the (14) one after that
were two more perfect strikes. The Tiger batter dragged (15) his feet as he returned to the dugout.

Two more Tigers batters stepped to the plate and both of (16) them faced the same fate as the
first batter – two more strikeouts. (17) “I’m not sure this is going to be the game I want (18) it to be,”
said Bobby. (19) His two friends nodded in agreement. (20) They saw the writing on the wall: unless
the Tigers quickly turned things around, (21) they faced a continuation of their losing streak. (22) That would be five losses in a row!

Bobby, Angela, and Cindy knew the team had (23) their work cut out for them, but (24) they
refused to leave. They stayed until the final out was made in what ended up being a 5-4 loss for (25)
their team.
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GENITIVE-The Simpsons - ESL worksheets
Genitive Case | FREE ESL worksheets

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The Poem is in your book.After reading you must answer the follow questions.
Have a nice work an feel the love atmosphere in it.

Annabel Lee
Writing Style: Edgar Allan Poe is known for his chilling poems and short stories. He is
widely considered one of the best horror writers of all time, a talent that is perhaps due
to his own tormented life. Many of his poems carry a musical rhythm, as Poe believed
that music was a powerful form of expression.
Famous Quote: "I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity."
Directions: Answer the questions using the poem. (Use the hints in
parentheses to assist with the correct answer)
1. Who is the author?
2. Who is the assumed speaker
3. What is the setting
4. What lines inform you of Annabel's death? (number)
5. According to the speaker, why did Annabel die? Put the lines that support
this answer
6. What line addresses the young age of the two love
7. What does "coveted" (synonym from poem) mean, and who portrayed this
8. What is a synonym for the word "angel"?
9. In the 4th stanza, what sound device is "chilling and killing" an example o
10. What is a synonym for tomb or crypt? Use a word from the poem.
Poetry Analysis
11. The speaker states that his and Annabel's love is stronger than what two
groups of people? Write the number of the two tines that support this
statement or write the lines
12. What is a synonym for "separate"
13. Where are the angels located? And "Demons" ?
14. Where does the speaker spend most of this time after the death of
15. The speaker seems to have difficulty forgetting his love; what lines support
his inference? Write the number or the lines.
16. What names does the speaker refer Annabel as
17. How did the speaker describe Annabel Lee?

Let's analyse:
1. Find the facts: Mark each one true ( T) or false (F).
a. The poet felt in love with Annabel long before he wrote the poem.
b.  The poet and Annabel lived on an island.
c. Only demons could dissever the souls of the lovers.
d. Annabel Lee is buried far from the sea.
e. Even the angels envied the lovers.
f. The moon reminds the poet of Annabel's smiling face.
g. The poet is always thinking of Annabel Lee.
h. Annabel died by drowning.
2.Go beyond the facts: Which one of the following could you conclude from the poem?
a. The poet means to seek revenge for the death of his love.
b. The poet hates the sea because it reminds him of his love.
c. The poet will never love anvone so deeply again.
d. The poet's love for Annabel is stlll so intense that she seems real to him
 3.Determine the writer's style and technique: Choose two answers.
a. The poet generally analvzes love and its meaning.
b. The poet describes a personal experience.
c. The poet gives a vivid description of Annabel Lee.
d. The poet eommunieates personal feelings.
Words and their meanings: Find the bold word for these definitions from the poem.
2. tomb
3.heavenly beings
10. cut
13. nighttime